Free 30min. Discovery Call

Book a free 30min. discovery call  to tend to your curiosity in code and learn how Seeda School can help with your coding goals.

During this call we will talk about your curiosity in code, your coding goals, your vision for your coding skills, and how Seeda School might able to support all three.

I’ll also share a customizable milestone map with you based on the goals and time commitments you shared. After the call you’ll receive a follow up email with an invitation to enroll and next steps. You’ll be able to take as much time as you need determining whether Seeda School’s portfolio program is in alignment with your learning needs.

What to expect:

  • We will review your coding curiosity and/or journey
  • We will preview Seeda School's resources and learn more about how The Classroom membership might be able to help with your coding goals.
  • I will share any specific resources related to your unique goals or areas of interest.

NOTE: After you sign up, there will be instructions emailed on how to pick the time that works best for you. Talk soon!

With care,