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Seeda School hosts a 9-week retreat helping you seed or deepen an interdisciplinary practice, release a creative offer and develop a cohesive narrative through the framework of worldbuilding.

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Finally, a school for worldbuilders. The Seeda School world building framework guides you through 9 modules to help you seed or return to your interdisciplinary practice and release a creative project in 9 weeks.

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Whether you're a multi-hyphenate returning to your creative practice or you're looking to seed a creative practice, the "Seed A World" online retreat will help you get clarity on how your various skills and curiosities weave into an interdisciplinary practice and world of your own design.






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Your wildness creates space for our collective imagination. Join us inside this creative retreat and get access to 9 modules, weekly office hours and a membership community of fellow worldbuilders.

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Enroll into the Seed A World program to get access to the Worldbuilder's Handbook and join us for 9 weeks of live weekly classes and office hours.


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Release a new interdisciplinary offer at the end of 9 weeks with clarity, strategy and alignment with desire. Download the syllabus to learn how.


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Why World Building?


We know this place as the North Carolina Black River, they know it as Cykofa. A parallel universe suspended among past and future — where cornrows are cryptography keys, data farms are data forests, the weaving loom is a computer, a cloth is a document, and chain link fencing from demolished prisons are used as architectural membrane woven with plant life. In Cykofa the trees have learned to speak using the data Cykofians have encoded in the tree’s DNA and tree ring memory.

In 2021, Seeda School founder Ayana Zaire Cotton developed and published Cykofa: The Seeda Origin Story, an experimental speculative fiction novella told through the journal entries of a non-binary biotechnologist named Seeda and the found data within an ancient, 2,600+ year-old bald cypress tree named Cy. The people of Cykofa have traditionally hosted their data within the DNA of the trees, but what happens when Seeda discovers a rip in the dendrochronological memory, exposing select datasets from our world? 

Leveraging over a decade's worth of experience visioning and releasing interdisciplinary projects, today Ayana enjoys a transdisciplinary practice where she's able to braid opportunities in form of fine art and biotechnology residencies, software engineering fellowships, guest lecturing on design, invitations to be a keynote listener at creative conferences, acceptance into artist focused business incubator, institutionally sponsored writing retreats and more by using the framework of world building to weave and clearly communicate her constellation of skills and curiosities.



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