Seeda as in the computer science concept, “database seeding” or seed data. Learn Entity Framework Core defines seed data as, “data that you populate the database with at the time it is created. You use seeding to provide initial values for lookup lists, for demo purposes, proof of concepts etc.” This school remembers the ways in which Black feminist worlding has provided the initial values for liberation.

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Frequently Asked Questions



To empower and tend to the black feminist imagination through worldbuilding skill development. Right now, the skill we’re focusing on is coding.



To collectively imagine and build technologies that support and expand a culture of care. Right now, that looks like cultivating a black feminist internet

Seeda School Values

Cultural Transformation

We’re not interested in the diversity and inclusion of tech. We’re interested in a fundamental re-imagining and transformation of its abusive culture.

Black Feminist Praxis

We’re less interested in contributing to the dominant aesthetic of innovation and more interested in activating an abolitionist imaginary by teaching coding through a black feminist lens of collective and ecological care.

Cooperative Creation

We prioritize emergent, generative, collective authorship and are adapting out of learned impulses favoring individualism, competition, and white supremacist capitalist patriarchal ways of working and learning.

Spirit First

We are spirit led and we work in alignment with the pace of our bodies and seasons. If our bodies are in the room, so is the need for time-space to grieve and consistent rest, ease, joy, and spiritual care.

Sankofa Center

We are committed to the ancestral practice of remembering the past to build a future that prioritizes life. We build to honor and remember people we’ve never met, dead and not yet born.

We Refuse Techno-Determinism

We refuse techno-determinism and understand the future we need may have nothing to do with software.

Cultural Critics

We believe being creators of technology helps us become more informed and empowered critics of its limits, harm, and potential.

Meet The Artist & Teacher Behind Seeda School

Ayana is a Black feminist artist and cultural worker with four years of experience internationally teaching software engineering inside museum educational programs, career training programs, non-profits, and their own art practice. They have worked with organizations such as the Hirshhorn, a contemporary art museum, Flatiron School, a coding bootcamp, and Girls For A Change, a non-profit. Based in Dawn, Virginia — tucked in between the ancestral lands of the Mattaponi and Youghtanund — they are answering the call to steward land that has been in their family for four generations. Braiding language, code, and craft they practice speculation, teaching, and worldbuilding to engage our collective imagination around the technologies we need in the world we desire.