Seeda as in black feminist values as seed data, as in Earthseed, as in the seed shape of a fractal, as in the technology of ancestors braiding seeds in our hair, Seeda as in the name of a speculative ancestor suspended between the past and the present in a parallel universe named Cykofa.



To empower interdisciplinary cultural workers making the revolution irresistible through the framework of worldbuilding.



To cultivate a thriving ecosystem of abundantly resourced interdisciplinary practices experimenting with various methods of cooperative economics and community organizing.

Seeda School Values

Cultural Transformation

We’re not interested in diversity and inclusion agendas that uphold the status quo. We’re interested in a fundamental re-imagining and transformation of power distribution.

Black Feminist Praxis

We remember Black Feminism is a politic not a demographic1. We center Black Feminist values as seed data and/or soil to root the worlds we’re building inside of.

Cooperative Creation

We invite generative conflict and prioritize emergent, fractal, collective authorship in order to adapt out of learned impulses favoring individualism, competition, neo-liberalism, colonialism and white supremacist capitalist patriarchal ways of working and learning.

Spirit First

We are spirit led and we work in alignment with the pace of our bodies and seasons. If our bodies are in the room, so is the need for consistent rest, ease, joy, spiritual care and time-space to grieve.

Sankofa Center

We are committed to the ancestral practice of remembering the past to build a future that prioritizes life. We build to honor and remember people we’ve never met, dead and not yet born.

We Refuse Techno-Determinism

We acknowledge the digital tools containing coltan, that we use everyday, have the blood of violent globalization embedded into them. We remember the future we need may have nothing to do with 21st century software and hardware.

Indigenous Interdisciplinarity

We remember de-colonial futures require interdisciplinary practice. We prioritize unlearning colonial conceptions of “human being” while learning from indigenous ways of being as we imagine and rehearse2 new worlds.

  1. ““Black feminism” and “Black feminist” are describing a politic not a demographic. Black feminists know about what is required for liberation at the margins and the intersections.” — Quirc App Instagram post. June 17, 2023.
  2. McKittrick, Katherine. “Ruth Wilson Gilmore Just Told Us: Abolition Is Presence, It Is Life in Rehearsal. It Is Not the Recitation of Rules. Freedom Is a Place. Freedom Is a Place. Guys. Get into It!” Twitter Post, 26 Oct. 2020.

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