The Worldbuilding Workshop Series

PART 1: Seed A World Rooted in the Truth of Your Desire

PART 2: Resource A World Rooted in the Truth of Your Needs

Join us for this free, two part Worldbuilding Workshop series where you'll learn how to craft a digital course offering then learn how to price it!

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☑️ PART 1: Tuesday, April 16th at 12pm EST

🔜 PART 2: Thursday, April 25th at 12pm EST









What We Will Cover in the Workshop


You'll be introduced to Seeda School's Worldbuilding Framework for crafting a digital course offering inside your interdisciplinary art, cultural work or community organizing practice. The Framework consists of nine critical action steps with three major milestones: Deciding on your digital course topic, developing the outline for your course and enrolling learners into your course.

The 2-Part Workshop

Inside this two-part workshop series you will learn how to...

1️⃣ Seed A World Rooted in the Truth of Your Desire

Tuesday, April 16th at 12pm EST


In the first workshop, you’ll learn how to fund and expand your impact and time inside your creative practice. Together we’ll go over how to design, market and sell a digital course offering inspired by your interdisciplinary art practice, cultural work and/or community organizing.

2️⃣ Resource A World Rooted in the Truth of Your Needs

Thursday, April 25th at 12pm EST


In the second workshop, you’ll get clarity on how to price your digital course in alignment with your needs and values using the Price Calculator. We will ensure your offer isn’t priced at a point that prioritizes making it accessible to everyone else that it becomes inaccessible to you as the creator.

Follow Along Inside the Podcast


Use the upcoming podcasts as supportive guides for navigating the Worldbuilding Workshops. “Build a School, Build a World” is a 4-part podcast series based on the questions in the Creative Offer Questionnaire to Oneself, helping you discover the focus of your digital course offering.


Learn More About the Retreat


 Attend the Worldbuilding Workshops to learn more about the Seed A World Retreat, a 9 week digital course creation incubator for interdisciplinary cultural workers, artists, facilitators and organizers. Learn from 9 modules informed by Seeda School's Worldbuilding Framework and attend 9 weekly open studio sessions on Thursdays at 12pm EST for feedback from a community of fellow worldbuilders. This retreat helps you get clarity on the digital course offering uniting your creative ecosystem of skills, curiosities and desires for collective liberation.




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What Seeda School Worldbuilders Are Saying

"It’s been so incredibly powerful to see the way each prompt, each assignment, each framework, in such a short amount of time, brings the threads of my practice into harmony and makes it so the universe can clearly respond. I can’t even count the number epiphanies I’ve had since I’ve started working with you. Thank you."

Ravon Ruffin, Fall 2023

Keren Lasme, Fall 2023

“It was such a pleasure being part of Seeda School retreat and be in community with a cohort of talented, caring and loving souls. This offering is a soothing and refreshing balm to each and everyone wanting to delve deeper into their inner being to bring out unknown treasures to the world. Ayana, the creator and facilitator of the retreat is its living proof. They are a bottomless well of inspiring, exciting, creative, experimental and spirit-led knowledge and I’m deeply grateful for their work and their willingness to share with us all that they know with so much grace and care.”

"Words cannot express enough how grateful I am for the blessing that is both Ayana and Seeda School. Enrolling in the retreat was an immediate yes for me — where the weekly meditations and facilitations from Ayana felt like sacred invitations to return — return to community, return to self, return to Spirit, return to our gardens. Like The Artist's Way, but through a decolonial Black feminist lens, I continue to find Seeda School and its Retreat as an evergreen gift and artistic nourishment that, as a result, enriches the tending of my spiritual and literary practice — The Conflicted Womanist.”

Chinyere Erondu, Fall 2023

Taylor Rae, Fall 2023

“I find it difficult to express in words just how impactful the Seeda School Retreat was for me as a clayworker, herbalist, teacher, and activist. Seeda School contextualized our work as multidisciplinary artists in the revolution and helped us all to abandon mentalities of scarcity that are upheld by colonialism and white supremacy. Ayana has put so much time, effort, and care into every piece of her retreat and it shows. Even as someone who already had a creative offer established, I gained so much wisdom from the content and discussions that I am confident will only improve the success of my offers, along with one of the most tender, caring, and uplifting communities that anyone could ask for. I am infinitely grateful for the work Ayana does in bolstering us artists and creating containers for the radical dreaming of better worlds. <3”

“Ayana Zaire Cotton, is, to me, a being whose radically tender ways of loving, teaching, and questioning mirror the revolutionary labours of love of bell hooks, Octavia Butler, Toni Cade Bambara, and the list goes on. Through Seeda School, Ayana plants seeds of responsible hope, of revolutionary reimagining(s), and most importantly, of communal (and personal) pursuit(s) of the erotic into the body, mind, and soul of whoever has the chance to waltz with their teachings, with their being. Being a student of Seeda School is constantly being reminded that one’s desires are needs, and therefore that we — as people — have the power to materialize the conditions we yearn to have in order to thrive, to be free. Receiving teachings and exchanging with Ayana and the lovely beings who tap into their care-full-y crafted [offers] is a blessing that keeps on giving, and I trust that this will remain the case in near and distant futures.”

Gloria-Sherryl François (G L O W Z I), Fall 2023

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☑️ PART 1: Tuesday, April 16th at 12pm EST

🔜 PART 2: Thursday, April 25th at 12pm EST