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All That You Touch

A free JavaScript workshop where you will bring your favorite website, get introduced to JavaScript concepts like the DOM and learn how to change your favorite website using HTML and JavaScript.

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 at 6-7:30PM EST

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The Classroom is a membership where learners build a coding project every month through access to Seeda School's video library, live programming like weekly coursework co-working sessions and open studio with q&a for project building, and monthly study groups led by Seeda School learners. The monthly membership also includes occasional zines published as textbooks through Seeda Press, a member supported publishing platform for black feminist technologists and ecologists.

What we will cover in this workshop

  1. What is JavaScript?
  2. What is the DOM? Hint: It stands for Document Object Model.
  3. What is the JavaScript concept "DOM Manipulation" or what we prefer to call, "DOM Change"?
  4. How do web developers use the DOM to update and add interactivity to web pages?
  5. How you can update or change your favorite website using JavaScript and the DOM?

We will also explore The Classroom, a monthly membership, where learners get access to Seeda School's course library with hours of video content teaching you how to build projects like the Lorde Questionnaire and All You Touch.

Play with Project

Meet The Artist & Teacher Behind Seeda School

I'm happy you're here! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ayana Zaire Cotton. I am an artist and cultural worker with four years of experience internationally teaching software engineering. I have worked with organizations such as The Hirshhorn, a contemporary art museum, Flatiron School, a coding bootcamp, and Girls For A Change, a local non-profit. Now I have the pleasure of stewarding Seeda School, a skill building platform for learning how to code through a black feminist lens. Please check out our newsletter and podcast titled Soft, Where?. Through the ecosystem of my practice I am braiding speculation, teaching, and worldbuilding to engage our collective imagination around the technologies we need in the world we desire.


Join Us In Thinking More Expansively About Coding


Coding as storytelling. Coding as questioning. Coding as worldbuilding. Coding as practicing new forms of being.

This workshop is for you if:

  1. You’ve been curious about code but opted out because you’ve gotten the message from media and school that “coding isn’t for you”.
  2. You are interested in weaving coding into your interdisciplinary practice.
  3. You have tried self-teaching or other platforms to learn how to code but left desiring a program with more teacher support.
  4. You're curious about the erotic potential in black feminism and web development overlapping.
  5. You thrive inside communal study programs rooted in project-based learning.
  6. You are curious about Seeda School’s methodology and offerings and want to learn more before enrolling.

Why Not Tend to Your Curiosity Now?


Maybe your curiosity in coding was seeded while playing around on MySpace? Maybe you’ve been interested in adding coding to your creative toolkit but have been looking for a program that is rooted in imagination and play? Maybe you're an interdisciplinary practitioner and you’re interested in the erotic possibilities of weaving coding into the constellation of your creative practice? Hair braider, care taker, gardener, painter, quilt-maker, storyteller, teacher, coder, yes.

What Seeda School Learners Are Saying

A magnificent learning adventure/voyage I am currently experiencing. Ayana and Seeda School are brilliant! If you would like to learn coding through the teachings of black feminism + do so with a lovely mentor, look no further.

Gloria-Sherryl François

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 at 6-7:30PM EST

Tend to your curiosity by registering for this free JavaScript workshop and receive the Zoom link.

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