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Introducing The Classroom


The vision is to cultivate a black feminist internet. Join this communal learning membership to get access to Seeda School's course library and weekly classroom calls helping you build a black feminist website every month. Book a free 1:1 discovery call to learn more.

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Learn More About The Classroom Membership

The Classroom is a membership where learners build a coding project every month through access to Seeda School's course library with hours of video content and open studio office hours for q&a and code reviews. The monthly membership includes study groups led by Seeda School learners and occasional zines published as textbooks through Seeda Press, a member supported publishing platform for black feminist technologists and ecologists.

What's Included?

  1. 1:1 Strategy and Intention Session with Ayana to map out your portfolio projects and organize your time in the program using the Milestone Map.
  2. Access to Seeda School’s learning portal and course library with hours of video content and links to resources. New videos are added monthly.
  3. Open Studio Office Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3:00PM EST for project building, Q&A, and code reviews with classmates and Seeda School teacher Ayana
  4. Milestone Map with weekly scheduler to help you organize your notes and time inside the program
  5. A database of Seeda School help articles for guidance throughout the program
  6. Monthly study groups led by Seeda School learners sharing their black feminist practices
  7. Occasional black feminist zines published as text books through Seeda Press.
  8. Asynchronous support Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  9. Community Discord (COMING SOON)
  10. An opportunity to make the program better for all learners inside The Classroom! Don't see a walkthrough video you think would be helpful? Reach out and we might produce it then add it to the course library.

Full Stack Software Engineer Syllabus

Download the Seeda School syllabus to learn more about how the program is structured and follow along.

A magnificent learning adventure/voyage I am currently experiencing. Ayana and Seeda School are brilliant! If you would like to learn coding through the teachings of black feminism + do so with a lovely mentor, look no further.

Gloria-Sherryl François
Photo credit: Mallory Lowe

4 Payments Of


For 12 Months Of Access

  • 1:1 Strategy and Intention Session
  • Weekly Co-Working Sessions
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Asynchronous Support
  • Seeda School's Course Library
  • Database of Seeda School Help Articles
  • Milestone Map
  • Monthly Black Feminist Study Groups
  • Occasional Black Feminist Zines

Learn How to Build a Black Feminist Coding Portfolio


Through The Classroom and freeCodeCamp Seeda School learners become Full Stack Engineers in less than 6 months with a coding portfolio illustrating their skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  This portfolio package includes a year of Classroom access.

While Seeda School prioritizes curiosity and play, we do understand the portfolio program is an investment. The most empowering thing about a portfolio is: it becomes a portrait of your skills and gives you options. Now you can begin to teach your local community how to code using HTML and CSS, apply for a grad school degree in design, reach out to your creative community as a freelance web designer or advocate to your employer for a promotion to the design or tech team.

Join Us In Thinking More Expansively About Coding


Coding as storytelling. Coding as questioning. Coding as worldbuilding. Coding as practicing new forms of being.

This program is for you if:

  1. You are an aspiring software engineer, freelancer or entrepreneur.
  2. You’ve been curious about code but opted out because you’ve gotten the message from media and school that “coding isn’t for you”.
  3. You've been wanting to build a coding portfolio but desire the structure and support of a coding community and coach.

Why Not Care for Your Curiosity Now?


Maybe your curiosity in coding was seeded while playing around on MySpace? Maybe you’ve been interested in adding coding to your creative toolkit but have been looking for a program more aligned with your values? Maybe you're an interdisciplinary practitioner and you’re interested in the erotic possibilities of weaving coding into the constellation of your creative practice? Hair braider, caretaker, gardener, painter, quiltmaker, storyteller, teacher, coder, yes.

Your First Project


Inside The Classroom, Week 3 of every month is Project Week! For your first project we invite you to think deeply about the black feminist portal of inquiry you wish to create, expand, and deepen. You might already have an ongoing research project inside your practice and this is an excellent opportunity to create a web-based portal for it.

We used The Audre Lorde Questionnaire to Oneself for our Survey Form project but we encourage you to come up with your own set of questions that would provide generative insights inside your practice.

Check Out Examples

What Seeda School Learners Are Saying

Cierra Peters


"I began learning from Seeda School as a fan, observing the information passively through Instagram. My desire to learn coding, specifically HTML and CSS grew and I decided to enroll in the course. While the intersection of Black feminism and coding might feel out of place, this is the kind of work that allows us to imagine and co-create new futures, rather than following a prescriptive dominant narrative. I have loved working alongside Ayana. She is patient, kind, and diligent as a teacher and community leader. Since starting this program, I gained the confidence to redesign my company's website and discover/develop new methods of data collection for my research. It's completely recontextualized my work, which involves recovering the histories of Black women. I was recently admitted to a graduate program in Design (in part I'm sure) to the creative and meticulous work I've developed at Seeda School."

Dkéama Alexis


"Seeda School is a refreshing learning experience that has solidly placed me at the convergence of multiple streams of time: it has affirmed the curiosity i’ve had since childhood when i was coding on MySpace, supported my present creative practices, and oriented me towards the expansive possibilities of (en)coding liberatory futures. Ayana has been a gracious, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic steward throughout the coaching program, which has made building these skills that much more fun and approachable. i glowingly recommend Seeda School!"

Meet The Learner Behind Seeda School

I'm happy you're here! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ayana Zaire Cotton. I am an artist and cultural worker with four years of experience internationally teaching software engineering. I have worked with organizations such as The Hirshhorn, a contemporary art museum, Flatiron School, a coding bootcamp, and Girls For A Change, a local non-profit. Now I have the pleasure of stewarding Seeda School, a skill building platform for learning how to code through a black feminist lens. Please check out our newsletter and podcast titled Soft, Where?. Through the ecosystem of my practice I am braiding speculation, teaching, and worldbuilding to engage our collective imagination around the technologies we need in the world we desire.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Classroom


For more frequently asked questions about freeCodeCamp and more visit the general FAQ page.  Still have a question? Never hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

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